Monday, 29 April 2013


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All though i was a kid at that time when this incident happened, 

but i remember this one very distinctly from my memories of 
childhood.It was the season of marriages and considering the branches 
of my family tree, there was one in our family also. So everyone was 
very excited as it was first marriage of my generation, my eldest 
brother was going to get tied in a knot.we had done a booking at a 
guest house nearby our home as it was difficult to accommodate all 
the guests at one place. As it was a guest house lots of preparation had 
to be done for the comfortable lodging of the invitees. A lot of daily 
wage workers were called to the job.So in the evening when left for 
the party one of the worker tried to sneak into one of the guest's 
room may be trying to steal something. but unluckily or luckily he
 found my aunt over there still getting ready for the event. So he 
didn't steal anything but did something which was more worse, 
he tried to misbehave with my aunt. Finding the situation grave my 
aunt shouted at the top of her voice. As all the guests had already
 left the place for the venue no one was there to hear to her plea.
 but as my uncle was in charge of the function, he had some work 
in the guest house so he came back. I also came along with him.
 When he entered the guest house he heard some noises so he 
reached the room of my aunt. He saw the worker over there trying
 to misbehave. this was the time I a saw a transformation in my 
uncle. His eyes were red like blood. He held the man with his 
collar and pushed him towards the wall. The worker also tried to 
retaliate but my uncle overpowered him. He had shown the man the
 worst time of his life. Then after this he made my aunt comfortable 
and made sure everything is fine.
As no one was there, no body came to know about this neither did 
we discuss this event with anyone. But still i remember this incident 
with every minute detail. This incident left a mark in my life and i 
respect my uncle above all. He is a REAL HERO a SOLDIER.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

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I am a guy who NOW shaves regularly, not that i like to, but because by girlfriend wants me to...

Earlier I was a person who used to say farewell to my beard twice or thrice in a week, as i belonged to that lazy category of people who don't find it interesting to do that everyday. She had a problem with it, but i never took that seriously as my laziness overpowered her comments.
But it happened on that day when we were supposed to go a common friend's party. I had to pick her up from her place which is few kms from mine. We decided for a time to go i.e around 7pm. 
Unfortunately it was a lazy day for me, so I had that little bit of grass(beard) on my pitch(face). So when I reached her place she looked at me, gave me a stare but didn't say anything. She asked me to come inside.
Then she asked for my wallet. Obviously you cant say no to that if she is your girlfriend. Then she told me that, today she wants to drive so she took the keys also. And I gave her both the things happily.
After this the real fun started. She told me to shave right now otherwise she won't go to the party. So I asked for the keys and money so that I could go a nearby saloon. But then she told me to go to my place and get it done. I neither had any money nor the keys, Which meant I would have to walk for 4 kms to my home shave and come back. But again I had no option but to do it.
So I started my "walk to remember" back home. On the way back I decided of not  to be like this anymore from now. After a very long time I was not  in favor of my laziness. Fortunately I had my cell with me. So on my way back I messaged her about what I have decided. I reached home, got rid of my tiny enemies and messaged her. Fortunately  she waiting outside my place with the car and all the smiles. It was a lesson which she wanted to teach me.
Then to respect my loyalty towards her she kissed me on my clean shaved cheeks and we left for the party.

So one thing I learned was to -"SAVE YOURSELF, SHAVE YOURSELF"

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

My first Entry!

Hi world,

This is Dr. Abhishek Agarwal. Hope to revive my writing skills from today onward.